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A root canal is a dental procedure to preserve a dead tooth. It involves removal of the live part of
the affected tooth, and is considered a lasting solution to serious tooth decay and the pain that
comes with it.

Signs that you need a root canal

You could be a candidate for a root canal if your tooth aches constantly. See your dentist help
establish the origin of the pain and if a root canal is a solution to it. Discolored teeth, swollen
gums, and sensitivity in concentrated areas are some of the other signs to look out for.

Why you need a root canal

There are only two sure ways of treating tooth decay and preventing it from spreading to
nearby teeth: root canal treatment and replacement of affected tooth.

The root canal is less complicated, quicker and cheaper, and is thus more desirable and recommendable than tooth
removal and replacement. Root canals only get rid of the unhealthy flesh and retain most of the
structure needed for chewing and treatment.

What to expect during a root canal

First, your dentist will numb the tooth being treated and the flesh around it to make the drilling
comfortable and painless. He/she will then put a rubber dam on the operative area to keep it
free from saliva and prevent debris and chips from the tooth being repaired from reaching the
rest of the mouth.

He/she will then remove the top of your tooth using a drill to create an opening through which
the pulp will be scooped out. After all the debris has been removed, you will be rinsed clean
using sodium hypochlorite and water. The cavity previously occupied by the pulp will be filled
and the opening at the top sealed.

You may have to come back another day to have a crown put on the repaired tooth.
Laguna Smiles offers root canal and several other preventative treatments for
infected teeth. Call  (949) 830-0074 today to schedule an appointment.

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