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Cosmetic dentists fix the little imperfections on your teeth and mouth that are ruining your smile. Through the use of simple procedures such as gum contouring, teeth contouring, veneers, bonding and dental crowns, most of the common dental flaws can be fixed and your smile perfect.

So, what do cosmetic dentists do? What issues does cosmetic dentistry fix?

Below are 6 flaws that can easily be corrected by cosmetic dental procedures:

1. Gaps

Most people with gaps between teeth are not comfortable with them, but that’s not even the biggest issue. Gaps can affect the positioning of your teeth over time, causing misalignment, which may prove costly and more complicated to correct. Dentists use teeth bonding to correct small gaps and porcelain veneers for larger ones.

2. Tooth Discoloration

Albeit the whiteness of your teeth is not a reflection of your oral health, whiter teeth are always good for your smile and your confidence. Your cosmetic dentist will either perform a simple teeth whitening procedure on you or use dental bonding, depending on how strong the stain is, to fix a discolored tooth.

3. Chips and Cracks

While chips and cracks can be discreet if they are small and/or located at the back of the mouth, continuous bite pressure may cause the cracked or chipped tooth to break and result in a bigger mess. Consider seeing a cosmetic dentist for teeth bonding before your problem develops into something much more unsightly and hard to reverse. Teeth bonding utilizes composite material which can be molded to fill the cracks and cured to harden and form a stronger bond with the tooth.

4. Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can be a result of an accident or oral infection. There are several ways of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to your tooth loss as supportive posts are held in the jawbone just like natural tooth roots to provide a surface onto which a crown is fixed. Dental bridges, on the other hand, offer a quick, non-complex replacement for your missing tooth, using the support of adjacent teeth instead of a prosthetic root. Bridges can be used to fill a gap left by one tooth or several teeth in a row.

5. Overlapping teeth

While braces remain the most recommendable way to fix this problem, some cases of overlapping teeth may be too minor to warrant such a costly and long treatment. Teeth contouring is a simpler procedure that involves filling out part of the overlapping tooth to adjust its shape. The procedure is usually completed in one office appointment.

6. A gummy smile

Gummy smiles occur when more of your teeth are covered by gums making them look small. For people who fill insecure about this problem, gum contouring is used to carefully cut off part of the gums to expose more of your teeth and brighten your smile.

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If you have an imperfection that you feel could be blemishing your otherwise perfect smile, Laguna Smiles offers a range of cosmetic dental procedures that may help correct your problem. Reach us today at (949) 830-0074 to learn more about us and schedule an appointment.

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