Common Dental Conditions

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Some common dental conditions we routinely see and treat include:

• Loose or missing teeth
• Gum or periodontal disease
• Tooth aches
• Broken crowns
• Broken teeth
• Ill-fitting dentures
• Loose bridges
• failed root canal therapy
• Shoty previous dental work

Some of our common dental solutions include:

Dental Implants– Implants are the most innovative, natural functioning and natural looking solution to missing teeth. Implants not only allow patients to full have full bite capacity, but they also help maintain bone density by incorporating a titanium tooth root.  Bridges – Bridgework is another solution to a missing or multiple missing teeth.  Bridges are anchored by surrounding teeth that act as a bridge for a false tooth or crown to sit. Dentures – Whether you are missing teeth from injury, tooth decay, or gum disease, getting dentures is a viable option. Among the more economical solutions to multiple missing teeth, wearing dentures gives patients the appearance of having teeth and allow for chew and talk.  Full-mouth reconstruction – There are certain circumstances in which a full mouth reconstruction would be appropriate, and we can assist you with making that determination, whether it is necessary due to bad oral health or whether it is for cosmetic reasons.  

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